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tv   ABC15 News at 5PM  ABC  October 14, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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>> reporter: more hacks from clinton e-mails shows that bill clinton was asked to cancel a speech to keep the clintons from street. people are going into big efforts to protect their campaign signs. one trump supporter hired a audio-visual company to protect his donald trump sign. >> he was extremely excited about catching someone.
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homeowner a big trump donor got fed up with the thefts. >> that's what he thought it was. it was sob tapblg -- sabotage. that's why we decided to go to this measure. >> i don't know why people are cutting them down. i don't know who's behind it or why they would do it. >> the arizona water conservation district shows signs cut down, tossed aside. >> i don't know why people would want to take down signs for the water board. it's an unpaid position. >> and whether you whack down a sign or steal it outright, whether it's sabotage or souvenir you risk going to the slammer. and stealing these signs in arizona is a misdemeanor crime.
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you more about the exact punishment and that people do get charged from time to time. back to you. >> thank you. a bomb plot stopped in kansas. right now three men are facing federal charges. investigators say they planned to bomb an apartment building filled with somali residents. all three men belong to a group calling itself the kansas security force. the fbi conducted an eight one. >> right now also back here at home from the law desk, the search is on for this guy who robbed a phoenix bank. take a good look. police say he had a gun in his hand when the man got away with the money. he is considered armed and dangerous at this point. if you know who he is, call phoenix police.
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fight. officers talked to the person they wanted to speak with. no one was hurt out there but quite a scene. everyone involved in the incident knew each other. facing the consequences tonight after a collapse at a church under construction at queen creek. seven construction gr involved. that's one of eight violations that prompted that license being pulled. a hearing on the suspension is scheduled for next month. the numbers paint a disturbing picture, six sex crimes against women happening in a span of five weeks. >>four suspects are behind bars, four though are not. >> reporter: tonight four people wanted in connection to recent sex crimes across the valley are at large starting in glen dale. police say a man looks like this sketch groped a woman in the middle of the day early in
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he ran away leaving neighbors scared and on high alert. in peoria there's this sketch making its way around. the man kidnapped a woman in the middle of day and tried to rape her in a neighborhood still under construction. peoria pd says they've received a number of tips since the sketch has been put out but there's been no an attack in avondale happened on september 26th. a young girl was walking home when this man hit her over the head and sexually assaulted her. and finally in mesa another sketch for another attack keeping neighbors up at night. a neighbor was attacked by a
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own home and groped her. investigators are trying to figure out what went wrong in an apartment fire. they tried to save her life but she didn't make it. three others are now forced to find some where else to stay because of that damage. investigators are also working to figure out what startedded this warehouse fire near 29th street in washington overnight. the warehouse was filled with fertilizer filling the room with smoke. crews -- if you're planning on traveling this week, beware the device is known to catch fire. a big ban from all u.s.
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the faa announced the emergency order today. passengers caught trying to hide a note seven note in their luggage will face criminal prosecution. the faa ban comes just four days after samsung urged its customers worldwide to power off their faulty devices saying overheating batteries caused the phones to ignite. amber. >> we're tracking your forecast and a few clouds moving across the valley and across much of the state today. but not enough cloud cover to cool us in fact, we topped out at 56 degrees this afternoon. 7degrees above normal and just 4 degrees shy of today's record which was set just last year. let's take a look at temperatures right now. 94 in chandler. 95 in glendale. 93 in mesa and 91 in deer valley. 91 still around in the 6:00 hour. by 9:00 tonight, down into the low 80s dry and mild for us. and we'll take a look another
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hour coming up in just minutes. we have historic cities under flood water tonight. north carolina's governor promising help to those hit the hardest by hurricane matthew. flood waters as high as some roof lines in princeville. about 90% of the homes there badly damaged. the governor says, they're bringing in national guard troops to prevent looting at this point. this area hit just 20 years ago by hurricane floyd. >> a fiery crash with a family on board. and the tiny hero who managed to save one family member. >> important crime trend to tell you about especially if you parked your car outside.
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allegations against pinal county sheriff paul babeu. paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. accusations of widespread abuse at a massachusetts private school. she is sick of hearing sheriff paul babeu lie. allegations of abuse of power. another headache, the fbi has subpoenaed records. lawsuits regarding abuse and neglect. questions of babeu's integrity. new page of controversy. a question of judgment. ly voters are going to have to decide if he's the type of candidate they want in congress.
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crooks targeting your car parked outside. one woman says she's been hit twice. >> the latest theft just this morning. abc15 joe barte l, this seems to be a new trend. >> this seems to be a new trend and it may be that hot parts are the new big item. a woman we spoke to said her wheels were now it's happened before . take a look at this picture of her truck left on cinder blocks. she says this happened a few months back. the crooks used jacks to quickly lift the truck and the wheels and tires easily worth several hundred dollars. so coming up at 6:00, the steps the victim is taking and the warning she has for anyone who is parking their cars outside. back to you.
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we're still working to put together the details in this one. a hit and run in chandler. it happened outside a cvs near ray and prince road. that guy was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. at last check the driver had not been arrested. a horrific accident leaving one family without a father but it's a child being hailed a hero tonight. police say a truck crashed into a concrete pillar on a houston freeway. the 5-year-old inside was ejected but was pull his 2-year-old brother out of the truck. the father didn't make it out. the boy suffered severe burn injuries but are expectedded to live. their mother was traveling ahead unaware of the crash as they were moving to galveston. just getting new information about a man who shot two officers. richard tolo and matt morris were responding to a domestic call wednesday night when figueroa opened fire. authorities say he was even
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police. the officers are in critical condition. they are expected to survive. figueroa as we told you had been arrested in the valley six years ago over a warrant out of georgia. the devastating fire that almost put one iconic saloon out of business but not without a fight. the where should you start when you're
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developing tonight a teenager in critical condition
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happened here. a driver hit a 15-year-old on a bike. crabs on a plane. probably something you really don't want to hear while traveling but that's exactly what could have happened at mccarren international airport in las vegas. a man tried to smuggle eight giant crabs. they found with those creepy crawlies. the spca was called to pick they will up but four of those crabs died in the luggage. a bear made his way into a chicken coop. then that bear ran into a tree
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him down. the buffalo saloon reopens after a fire last year. many believe it was arson. the saloon will host its grand opening celebration tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. in tonight's rally for red i got into the kitchen over to see how you can than one commercial break. >> we can do this in two minutes. >> absolutely. first i start with my ceramic pan. the ceramic is important because it's naturally nonstick so you don't have to use a lot of oil. next i go with a coconut spray. then a little tumurick as well.
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under rated. it's good for antidepressant,. >> the big thing from the american heart association is replacing sodium. >> that's right. >> you can take any veggie you want. >> i have brocolini, bell peppers, squash, zucchini. >> is it important to get the pan hot before you even start. >> yes that will cut down on your cooking time. >> you put in your garlic. >> and the onions are going. >> what are you watching in the veggies. >> the onions start getting brighter and the brocollini that bright green color.
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put those veggies in. >> it will keep you pull and it's really good for you. that's it. pan is clean. two minutes. >> two minutes. >> actually only one minute and 40 seconds there. as part of our commitment to our heart health, abc15 encourage you to know your numbers. blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol and weight. you can go to rally for red. >> had to do that story around dinner time. >> you can put more veggies on your pizza. >> thank you for doing that story. >> i learned something, i like it. let's talk about the weather and the changes we're tracking, breezy. going into the higher terrain. all of this ahead of the next storm system that is really pounding the pacific northwest right now. a couple of tornadoes through oregon earlier today. really, really rare for that part of the country. another big surge of energy coming up there over the weekend. the storm track is going to stay too far to the north for
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arizona. take a look at the weekend and you see that next surge of energy come in, heavy rain, lots of high wind for us, not a thing. sunny and dry as high pressure remains in control of our forecast. as we take a look at the forecast, for us to see any significant changes here. we have a gorgeous weekend ahead. sunny, warm and dry here in the valley. in fact, that's what we're seeing out there right now with the sun gets close to setting here in that's coming off of our high today of 96. humidity at 10%. pressure holding steady with most of the valley in the low to mid-90s at this hour. as we look farther to the north 81 is your current temperature in sedona. low 80s in kingsman. six currently in flagstaff. tonight our coldest spots down to the 30s. no freezes on the map today.
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low 70s for lake havisu and lake city. then tomorrow, stafford is 89 degrees. all to the west it's low to mid- 90s in our forecast which is going to put up 6 degrees above average. we'll be at 68 at we won't hit80 in the 10:00. gilbert and queen creek also topping out at 93 for tomorrow. scottsdale, tempe look for highs of 94. 93 in goodyear and 92 out in buckeye. all of us seeing that drop off into the 60s in the morning. your activity drop off looks fantastic. it's just going to be a little
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incredibly dry. make sure you're hydrating. that pollen count is going to stay moderate for the weekend and later into the week. allergy sufferers beware. if you're heading out to the fair, saturday and sunday we're talking upper 70s to 90s. by 9:00 at night we'll be down into the low 90s again both days. here's the next seven day fors you. highs stay in the low 90s for all of next weekend. will the cardinals bring it on monday. we'll be talking about it tonight. join us on our abc15 page every monday and friday night at 7:00. hundreds of vendors from all over the country setting up shop for the largest cannabis conference in arizona. i'll tell you what you can expect coming up in a live
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the latest stories coming up. >> more severe weather tonight. the faa and the emergency ban a short time ago. some smart phones banned from flight. the emergency kits they're
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live now to the live desk. phoenix police are heading to a shooting near southern and seventh street. we understand one man was shot and is already in serious condition. we also have a crew headed to the scene. police are beginning to investigate southern and
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desk i just learned a man accuseed in a murder for hire plot has just been sentenced. navier aguiallo sentenced to life without parol. plus an additional 2-1/2 years. he was trying to kill a valley mom who was supposed to testify against him. that mother by the way, she survived. places where pot is legal. what are you hearing? >> reporter: steve, we are hearing where there's marijuana there's money. most of the people who are out at this conference are not people who sit around smoking pot. they're seriously minded business people. >> it was a serious boom for our economy and business as
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plants, selling them as cookie, and candy as well. the business has expanded from 120 patients to 1 million now buying pot for recreational use. the number of jobs have also doubled. >> the jobs it's created what pay scale are we talking about. >> good paying jobs with benefits. some of the folks on the retail side can start from $14 to $15. and the folks in cultivation we have 30 to $40 an hour. >> reporter: but those against recreational marijuana worry about the impact on society. >> businesses will have a hard time firing people from jobs. people in neighborhoods will have to worry about who's driving through their neighborhood.
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what one substitute teacher said he did to students. plus enlisting help for their petty crimes but police say one couple is making their child do over and over again. >> do you think you know where to go online to register your car? joe ducey here, coming up, how online searches can cost you. >> plus temperatures in the 80s, clear skies and dry conditions. and we are going to stay sunny and dry through the weekend too. highs drop a little sunday but still well above normal and we'll take another look at your seven day forecast coming up at 6:00. >> world news is coming up next.
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allegations against pinal county sheriff paul babeu. paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. accusations of widespread abuse at a massachusetts private school. she is sick of hearing sheriff paul babeu lie. allegations of abuse of power. another headache, the fbi has subpoenaed records. lawsuits regarding abuse and neglect. questions of babeu's integrity. new page of controversy. a question of judgment. ultimately voters are going to have to decide
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tonight, breaking news. donald trump fires back a short time ago. new accusers now coming forward late today. among them, a contestant from "the apprentice." and trump now appearing to take aim at their appearance. >> yeah, i'm going to go after you. believe me, she would not be my first choice, that i can tell you. tornadoes already. and tonight, authorities now warning of more severe weather in the hours ahead. the new video tonight. the serial kidnapper on the loose. the fbi now wants your help. images of the suspect accused of breaking into homes, grabbing children. breaking now. the faa, and the emergency ban a short time ago. banning some smartphones from all flights now. the emergency kits they're now putting on flights because of it.


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